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One of the aims of the TULIP Project is to provide links to relevant websites from across partners' member states:

  1. TITLE - Union Learn
    DESCRIPTION - Launched in the UK in May 2006 unionlearn is the TUC’s learning and skills organisation. Its mission statement includes the aim for it to become an authoritative organisation for promoting innovation and research in union-related learning and disseminating best practice.
    LANGUAGE - English

  2. TITLE - University of Trade Unions
    DESCRIPTION -Non-European example of “University” education aimed at trade unions. Based in Ministry of Education, International Co-operation Dept, Hanoi, Vietnam
    LANGUAGE - English

  3. TITLE - European Trade Unions Confederation (ETUC)

    DESCRIPTION - The European Trade Union Confederation ( ETUC) was set up in 1973 to promote the interests of working people at European level and to represent them in the EU institutions. The ETUC’s objective is an EU with a strong social dimension that safeguards the wellbeing of all its citizens.
    At present, the ETUC has in membership 82 National Trade Union Confederations from 36 European countries, as well as 12 European industry federations, making a total of 60 million members, plus observer organisations in Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ETUC is one of the European social partners and is recognised by the European Union, by the Council of Europe and by EFTA as the only representative cross-sectoral trade union organisation at European level. LANGUAGE - English, French

  4. TITLE -Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL)
    The Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) is the professional association for the UK lifelong learning community within higher education. UALL plays a leading role in national and international policy formulation, advocacy, research and practice in lifelong learning and continuing education.
    It has well-established links with all major agencies in lifelong learning and higher education including Funding Councils, UK Government Education and Lifelong Learning Departments, University and College Associations, Quality Assurance Bodies, as well as with other national and international organisations.
    Membership is drawn from the higher education and lifelong sectors in the United Kingdom and overseas.
    LANGUAGE - English

  5. TITLE -Forum for Access and Continuing Education ( FACE)
    Established in 1993, FACE is an active UK wide network for all those involved with Access, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning. As a multi-sector practitioners network, FACE and its members are at the forefront of the challenges involved in providing learning opportunities for all. As an inclusive organisation FACE encourages collaboration and partnership whilst maintaining a member-driven voice on key issues for learners and providers.
    LANGUAGE - English

  6. TITLE -National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)
    The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), a UK non-governmental organisation, aims to encourage all adults to engage in learning of all kinds through working with adult learners, voluntary bodies, local and central government departments, adult education providers and trade unions.
    With both individual and corporate members, who range from universities, colleges and local authorities to the BBC, the National Federation of Women's Institutes, the Trades Union Congress and the Ministry of Defence, it delivers research and development, campaigns such as Adult Learners’ Week, training courses and consultancy and advice..
    LANGUAGE - English

  7. TITLE - EAKL – Eesti  Ametiühingute Keskliit (Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions)
    ESCRIPTION -The confederation is promoting cooperation between unions with aim to protect the rights of union members and all employees as well as to represent effectively their interests in working lives.
    LANGUAGE - Estonian

  8. TITLE - TALO – Teenistujate Ametiliitude Keskorganisatsioon
    (Estonian Employees’ Unions’ Confederation)
    ESCRIPTION -The confederation is a union of vocational and trade unions and confederations which are active in national level. The aim is to protect the rights of the members, promote cooperation at different levels and act as partner in social dialogue.
    LANGUAGE -Estonian, English

  9. TITLE - Työelämäosaamisen edistäminen Pirkanmaalla (Promotion of Worklife Ability in Pirkanmaa) http://www.worklifeability.fi/university.shtml
    DESCRIPTION -A diversified, interdisciplinary Finnish network based in Pirkanmaa focusing on proactive improvement of worklife ability in work organisations. The network organisation, which adheres to the principle of open communication and appreciates the special abilities of the involved actors, is in its present form divided into a Learning network and a Business network.
    LANGUAGE - Finnish and English

  10. TITLE - Finnish Ministry of Education

    DESCRIPTION -Within the Finnish Government, the Ministry of Education is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields. The website contains links to Education/Adult education in Finland
    LANGUAGE - Finnish, English, Swedish

  11. TITLE - Continuing Education Network in Finland (UCEF)
    DESCRIPTION - Every Finnish university is represented in the network, UCEF, founded in 1990. The website contains information on University-level Adult Education in Finland Links to : www.täydennyskoulutus.fi, www.avoinyliopisto.fi, www.opintoluotsi.fi
    LANGUAGE - Finnish (partly in English)

  12. TITLE - The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions – SAK
    DESCRIPTION -The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions – SAK is the oldest employee confederation in Finland. Founded in 1907, it has looked after the interests of employees for a century. Nowadays SAK represents the interests of more than one million members in 22 affiliated trade unions. This makes SAK the largest lobbying organisation in Finland. The website contains information about the role and tasks of Trade Unions
    LANGUAGE - Finnish (partly in English, Swedish, French, German)

  13. TITLE - The Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK

    DESCRIPTION - The Finnish Confederation of Salaried Employees STTK is one of the three trade union confederations in Finland. Its 20 affiliated trade unions represent approximately 640 000 professional employees. The website contains information about the role and tasks of Trade Unions
    LANGUAGE - Finnish (partly in English and Swedish)

  14. TITLE - Akava - Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland

    DESCRIPTION - Akava - Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland - is a trade union confederation for those with university, professional or other high-level education, formed by 31 affiliates and with about 498 000 members and with over 70% unionization rate. As the demand for highly educated employees continues to increase, Akava is experiencing a period of strong growth. Currently, every sixth employee in Finland is a member of Akava.
    The website contains information about the role and tasks of Trade Unions
    LANGUAGE - Finnish (partly in Swedish and English)

  15. TITLE - Life Long Learning Animateurs www.akatemia.org/Staattiset/Projektit/LLLA
    DESCRIPTION -Life Long Learning Animateurs (Trade Unions and Life Long Learning) is a two-year EU-Grundtvig project. The participating organisations develop and carry out training periods aimed at Trade Union activists. The seminars or educational periods aim at elaborating a national course which can be used after the project to educate new L.L.L.As. The Life Long Learning Animateurs are people who will have the necessary skills to encourage and motivate their colleagues to adult education. The website contains information about the project.
    LANGUAGE - Finnish and English

  16. TITLE -The Labour Institute for Economic Research
    DESCRIPTION -The Labour Institute for Economic Research is an independent and non-profit research organisation founded in 1971 in Finland. The Institute carries out economic research, monitors economic development and publishes macroeconomic forecasts. The aim is to contribute to the economic debate and to provide information for economic policy decision making in Finland
    LANGUAGE - Finnish, Swedish, English

  17. TITLE - Kayttotieto Ltd
    DESCRIPTION -Offers research, consultative and training services for private, public, 'third sector' and labour organisations. There are articles on the website specifically relating to learning and trade unions.
    LANGUAGE - Finnish, English

  18. TITLE -Motivation-lll
    DESCRIPTION -Report on the Leonardo da Vinci-funded Motivation-lll project which looked at the learning motivation of lower qualified workers.
    LANGUAGE - English

  19. TITLE -Developing European Work Based Learning Approaches and Methods" (DEWBLAM)
    http://www.fh-aachen.de/6666.html?&L=1%252Fdownload and http://www.fh-aachen.de/6666.html?&L=1 (English)
    ESCRIPTION - European Grundtvig- funded project on work-based learning as a means to access Higher Education and lifelong learning
    LANGUAGE - German and English

  20. TITLE - Site du Ministère de l’éducation nationale français
    ESCRIPTION - French Ministry of Education
    LANGUAGE - Français (French)

  21. TITLE - Les sites des syndicats français
    ESCRIPTION - Website of French Trade Unions
    LANGUAGE - Français (French)

  22. TITLE -Site des Services de Formation Continue Universitaire (French Universities Continuing Education Network)
    ESCRIPTION - La conférence des directeurs de formation continue universitaire a été fondée de manière informelle en 1981. Elle est devenue une association déclarée suivant la loi de 1901 en mars 2004. Toutes les universités et écoles d’ingénieurs relevant du Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale en sont membres.
    La conférence a une reconnaissance nationale au niveau institutionnel avec les ministères, les syndicats de salariés, les organisations patronales.
    The French UCE Network was founded as a non-formal network in 1981. It was transformed into formal association in March 2004. Every French university is represented in the association. The network has national recognition at institutional level: Ministry of Education, trade unions, employers federations.
    LANGUAGE - Français (French), English, Spanish

  23. TITLE -Site du Conseil national de la formation professionnelle tout au long de la vie
    ESCRIPTION -French National Council for Vocational Training and LLL
    LANGUAGE - Français (French)

  24. TITLE -Site du Droit Individuel à la Formation (Website on the French Individual Right to the Training)
    ESCRIPTION -The individual right to the training (DIF - droit individuel à la formation) is resulting from the agreement of September 20th, 2003 and summarized in the law of May 4th, 2004. According to this right, every employee has a credit of 20 hours a year allocated for further training and which can be cumulated over six years within the limit of 120 hours. It is up to the employee to use his/her acquired right to training, but he/she has to apply for the DIF and needs the employer’s agreement on the choice of the training. The training takes place outside the working time except the opposite arrangement foreseen in collective agreement. The training is financed by the employer according to particular methods. The DIF being a recognized right of the employee, this one is free to use it or not. If the employee decides to not use his/her right to the training, the hours acquired and not used cannot be claimed or refunded to the employee by the employer.
    LANGUAGE - Français (French)

  25. TITLE - Kooperationsstellen (DE)
    Cooperative agencies for universities and trade unions in Germany
    LANGUAGE - Deutsche (German)

  26. TITLE - Slovenian Institute for Adult Education
    The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education was established in 1991 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to promote the development of adult education.It covers research, development, education, guidance, information and promotional work in the field of adult education
    LANGUAGE - Slovenian and English

  27. TITLE - Slovenian Public Sector Trade Unions Confederation
    LANGUAGE - Slovene

  28. TITLE - Slovenian Trade Unions - official list
    http://website link
    The official list of representative TU's in Slovenia, with added TU webpage links and other TU contact information. TU confederations are also included, together with participating TU's.
    LANGUAGE - Slovene

  29. TITLE - Center RS za poklicno izobraževanje / National Institute for Vocational Education and Training - Slovenia
    http://www.cpi.si/en and http://www.cpi.si/aandnd http://www.cpi.si/
    The National Institute for Vocational Education and Training is a public institution which was founded in 1995 by the Slovenian Government and co-founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft of Slovenia. The Centre performs research, developmental and advisory activities and is the focal point where interests of the state and social partners in vocational and technical education converge, coordinate and connect.
    LANGUAGE - English and Slovene

  30. TITLE - Centre for the Study of Education and Work, University of Toronto, Canada
    ESCRIPTION - The Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) brings together educators from university, union, and community settings to understand and enrich the often undervalued informal and formal learning of working people. The CSEW develops research and teaching programmes on learning and work. It promotes policy initiatives, and public events connected to both the paid and unpaid workplace, in traditional and new media for learning. The CSEW builds on current course offerings at OISE/UT to help strengthen feminist, anti-racist, labour movement, and working-class perspectives.
    LANGUAGE - English and French

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